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Scalp God Indicator

featured indicator

Features -

  • Best for Scalping quick price movements on both Longs and Shorts and the only you’ll need if you are a scalper. 
  • Provides very clean entry prices on both longs and shorts.
  • Easy to wait and Enter a Trade with Oversold and Overbought Lines.
  • Follow the trend with the help of Mid Line.
  • Accuracy more than 95% which can be tested and checked by backtesting.
  • Very Useful for Leverage Traders as they can quickly scalp for quick price movements.

Specifications -

  • Provides data in Real Time with processing capacity of a Leading Indicator.
  • The components in it’s code helps to provide a leading main oscillator and responsiveness to overbought/oversold levels that play a major role in Trend Reversals on all time frames.

Overbought Line:

  1. Color coded Red with a marked level of 80.
  2. Whenever the main oscillator crosses above the Overbought, that is your ideal Take Profit level on your longs.
  3.  An ideal entry short, for futures trader, is available above the marked 80 line as it may mark the making of a new local high. If a Trader wants the best entry, wait for the oscillator to reach 85 or 90 after which the price may take a pull back / trend reversal.
  4. Always use Trailing Profits to maximize your accuracy and gains.
  5. Pro tip – Use this line as Take Profit Level rather than entry short. Use this indicator in confluence with Extreme Bottom and Top Finder Indicator to plan for your short.

Oversold Line:

  1. Color coded Green with a marked level of 20.
  2. Whenever the main oscillator crosses below this Green Line, this should be your ideal Take Profit Levels on Shorts and you should start looking for Longs.
  3. On crossing this level, and confirming from other indicators in the suite start to DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) on the asset.
  4. For the ultimate bottom to Long/Buy wait for the indicator to bottom out in the 16 to 10 region and start watching from confirmations from other suite indicators.
  5. Always use Trailing Profits to maximize your accuracy and gains.
  6. Pro Tip – Longs are unusually crazy and should not be missed for scalping.

Future Updates -

  • Show Buy and Take Profit levels directly on Chart.
  • Plot Overextended Upward or Downward Movement directly on Chart.

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