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What are Technical Indicators?

In the context of technical analysis, an indicator is a mathematical calculation based on an asset’s price, volume, etc. The result of which is used to predict future prices. Common technical analysis indicators are the moving average convergence-divergence (MACD) indicator and the relative strength index (RSI) which are know to a lot of Traders. Most of the traders use these Technical Indicators to invest in an asset after getting a knowledge of how the price will react in the near future.

How could Technical Indicators help you in Trading?

Technical Indicators are such powerful tools that after learning and mastering them one could easily be very profitable in the investments they make. Using these indicators with proper risk management strategies have very much helped people each day.

If you are in trading you must have heard about the word Scalping. Scalping, is a Trading Style in which a trader specializes in Profiting off quick and rather small, 1-5% price changes. Traders who use this trading method are known as Scalpers. Scalpers primarily focus on some specific indicators and chart patterns on low time frame chart to trade successfully. They have a strict Risk Management and Enter and Exit as soon as their Entry and Profit Levels are reached.

For a Scalper to be consistent with more wins than looses, he/she needs a foul proof indicator or strategy to be successful. Most of the indicators out there are already helping people in this context, but what they lack is accuracy.

What do we have to offer?

Our Indicators in the Indicator Suite have been rigorously backtested and modified after going through all types of price movements to achieve the level of accuracy they deliver today. Talk of Catching perfect Entries at asset bottoms we have Extreme Bottom and Top finder and Scalp God. Talk of Riding the Trend and we have On Balance Volume (OBV) simplified. We have been in this field for more than 4 years now and have seen and traded all the types of market – be it – Bull Market, Sideways Market or a Bear Market and we all know how hard trading is when there is no idea what the assets have to offer in the future.

Hence, of all the Trading Knowledge acquired in these 4 years has all been used to develop the suite to deliver Perfection, Accuracy and Consistency.

Be it a scalper or an investor, everyone is welcome to learn more how you can outperform the entire market just by investing a couple hours of your valuable time just by learning each day with us and our setups.

Find Reversal’s Indicator Suite –

Here are the 3 Indicators that will help you simply outperform every move in Crypto/Stock/Forex Markets! Have fun learning more about them 😀

Extreme Bottom and Top Finder

As the Name Indicates! Extreme Bottom and Top Finder is one of my Best Developments till date. Nail every move with Golden Entries with Trailing Profits. Sit Back, Relax and Watch your Plan Play Out.

Scalp God / Trade God

Scalp God or Trade God is the highest Possible Accurate Indicator you will see out there! It is Best if you are a Scalp Trader for Quick Profits of 1-5% Each Trade. Start to DCA as soon as this indicator reaches crosses Oversold and Overbought lines for Longs and Shorts respectively and set a specific Target Price. Sit Back, Relax, Watch your Target Prices hit in a couple hours.

On Balance Volume (OBV) Simplified

Everyone Trading must have heard about the On Balance Volume (OBV) which is a Leading Indicator and most of you would have already applied it to your Trading Style for at least once. OBV is known to produce false signals, hence presenting you.. OBV Simplified! Master the Trend with OBV Bottoms and Tops, because the Trend is always your Friend.