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Scalp God aka Trade God Indicator

Features –

  • Best for Scalping quick price movements on both Longs and Shorts and the only you’ll need if you are a scalper.
  • Provides very clean entry prices on both longs and shorts.
  • Easy to wait and Enter a Trade with Oversold and Overbought Lines.
  • Follow the trend with the help of Mid Line.
  • Accuracy more than 95% which can be tested and checked by backtesting.
  • Very Useful for Leverage Traders as they can quickly scalp for quick price movements.

Specifications –

  • Provides data in Real Time with processing capacity of a Leading Indicator.
  • The components in it’s code helps to provide a leading main oscillator and responsiveness to overbought/oversold levels that play a major role in Trend Reversals on all time frames.
  • Overbought Line –
    • Color coded Red with a marked level of 80.
    • Whenever the main oscillator crosses above the Overbought, that is your ideal Take Profit level on your longs.
    • An ideal entry short, for futures trader, is available above the marked 80 line as it may mark the making of a new local high. If a Trader wants the best entry, wait for the oscillator to reach 85 or 90 after which the price may take a pull back / trend reversal.
    • Always use Trailing Profits to maximize your accuracy and gains.
    • Pro tip – Use this line as Take Profit Level rather than entry short. Use this indicator in confluence with Extreme Bottom and Top Finder Indicator to plan for your short.
  • Oversold Line –
    • Color coded Green with a marked level of 20.
    • Whenever the main oscillator crosses below this Green Line, this should be your ideal Take Profit Levels on Shorts and you should start looking for Longs.
    • On crossing this level, and confirming from other indicators in the suite start to DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) on the asset.
    • For the ultimate bottom to Long/Buy wait for the indicator to bottom out in the 16 to 10 region and start watching from confirmations from other suite indicators.
    • Always use Trailing Profits to maximize your accuracy and gains.
    • Pro Tip – Longs are unusually crazy and should not be missed for scalping.

Future Updates –

  • Show Buy and Take Profit levels directly on Chart.
  • Plot Overextended Upward or Downward Movement directly on Chart.

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