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Welcome to the New Era of Trading!

Premium TradingView Indicators & Bots. Proven Track Record. Perfect Entries at Asset Bottoms. Become Self Reliant & Gain Confidence.


The Indicator Suite has been backtested thoroughly and have been modified to adapt every market environment such that they are consistent with more than 92% accuracy.

Golden Entries

Consistent with the accuracy, the Indicator Suite provides Amazing life changing opportunities, known as, Golden Entries by many Traders in real-time.

Trade in Any Market

Trading Cryptocurrencies, Stocks or Forex? Doesn’t matter. We got you covered! Simply apply the Indicator Suite to your TradingView account and enjoy trading on Any Financial Market.

Quant Analysis Bottom Finder Bot

Stay Ahead of the Market with scans running on 80 pairs of Binance Futures assets round the clock. Developed according the needs of Scalp and Swing Traders.

Don’t Rush for the Opportunity, Let the Opportunity come to you!

Extreme Bottom and Top Finder

As the Name Indicates! Extreme Bottom and Top Finder is one of my Best Developments till date. Nail every move with Golden Entries with Trailing Profits. Sit Back, Relax and Watch your Plan Play Out.

Scalp God / Trade God

Scalp God or Trade God is the highest Possible Accurate Indicator you will see out there! It is Best if you are a Scalp Trader for Quick Profits of 1-5% Each Trade. Start to DCA as soon as this indicator reaches crosses Oversold and Overbought lines for Longs and Shorts respectively and set a specific Target Price. Sit Back, Relax, Watch your Target Prices hit in a couple hours.

On Balance Volume (OBV) Simplified

Everyone Trading must have heard about the On Balance Volume (OBV) which is a Leading Indicator and most of you would have already applied it to your Trading Style for at least once. OBV is known to produce false signals, hence presenting you.. OBV Simplified! Master the Trend with OBV Bottoms and Tops, because the Trend is always your Friend.

Not Just Crypto… Indicators work in Every Financial Market!

Video Tutorials

English Video Tutorial

Hindi Video Tutorial

More Explanatory Videos in Different Languages will be available soon!

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